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~John Cisgerotherader 13.Jan.04 05:25 PM a Web browser
Domino Designer All Releases All Platforms

I've been scouring the Notes help documentation and forums on the web for several days now trying to determine if Notes will look up a field to determine if it is unique. I found this code snippet in the Notes 5 forum and made a few small changes to it for my application. However, while the first part of the code works and I get an error message if the field is empty, the second part where the value is compared against existing values to determine that it is indeed unique, I never get an error. Does anyone have any insight? Many thanks!

@If(RequestNo = "";
@Failure("You have to enter a Req Number");
@DbLookup("":"NoCache"; "" : "" ; "All Reqs"; RequestNo; "RequestNo"));
@IsNewDoc = 0;
@Failure("This Req Number Already Exists."))

Here's a link to the original posting:

Again, thanks for helping!


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